Your Guide to Job Opportunities & Vacancies for Teens

Whether you’re looking for jobs for the purpose of filling in your extra time, a little bit of income to spoil yourself, for college applications, or even if it’s all of the above, we got you!



This is probably the most common job out there for youth, considering that it needs no experience and would be a great opportunity for you to kinda put yourself out there and learn how to deal with different kinds of people that you come across every day. 

All the way from local coffee shops to known ones, this job is also very flexible as it can be part-time, or full-time if you’ve got more time on your hands. Also, who in their right mind would turn down free drinks?

A job opportunity a bit similar to being a barista is working at a bakery, local bakeries are definitely willing to hire teens part or full-time, and other larger bakeries most likely offer internships around the summer, which are a great opportunity as well! Again, free food, gotta keep your priorities straight, you know?

coffee shops/bakeries that are always looking for teens to hire/offer intrenships:


Krispy Kreme

Dunkin donuts


TBS bakery

Dirty cookie

Dara’s Icecream

Magazine World:

Whether online or in the office, this job may range from internships to part-time and full-time. If you have a passion for writing, graphic design, interviewing, any kind of creative thinking, or anything of that sort, you should definitely consider being an intern or applying to work at a magazine, which might be a bit more accessible as it can most likely be done from home.

Is it too obvious that I’m hinting at the fact that we are recruiting? Whoops, apply now though, you won’t regret it!

Other magazines like cosmopolitan, teen vogue and local magazines also offer internships.

Nursery Teacher:


Who doesn’t love kids? (me, I don’t, but anyway) but come on, kids are adorable, sometimes. Working in a nursery is a great opportunity. nurseries are most likely going to be willing to hire younger people, you may just need a little experience in basic things about babysitting kids. You’ll learn a lot from it, especially anger management!

Nursery vacancies available:

Leap Development Hub

Another aspect of babysitting, a bit of a different one. Dog lovers, gather up because you’ll love this.


Dog daycare! People who go on vacation or work trips and can’t take their dogs along, send them to a dog daycare. Imagine being around playful cute dogs for 8 hours or so a day. You can’t possibly turn that down. 

Though dog daycares are less common, you may find one close and convenient to you, This would probably be more fun than, you know, kids. But seriously, dogs, fun AND you get paid for it. 

Toy Stores Sales:

Why do I feel like everything revolves around kids? Anyway, Toy stores offer part-time, full-time, and more famous stores may offer internships, which overall is pretty beneficial as well.

Places like Hamleys, Bingo and other toy stores offer part and full-time jobs.

Whether it’s a part or full-time job, you’ll gain experience and come out of it a person who views things from a different perspective and have a wider spectrum of thinking, and if you want to try out a summer internship we still have got you covered!

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