The recap you need before Stranger Things season 4

Season 4 is almost there; I know you’ve all been waiting for the new season. It was supposed to be released in 2021, but Covid-19 had other plans. But the wait is over and here’s what you should know before watching the new season.


This season starts with the trio we all love playing games in the basement, riding bikes together and actually improving their bond day by day. It gives us the whole picture about how amazing their friendship is and how they love monsters that exist in their imagination. Only until it becomes real and it captures one of them. As Will disappears, on the other side there is an ongoing experiment going on in a lab, where the scientist actually experiments on his daughter who seems to have superpowers, and not only that, but they are also trying to open a gate to the upside world

Meanwhile they try to understand how the Demogorgon did who captured will escaped, but little do they know that Eleven escaped too. She goes around wandering around town, until she’s found by mike and he keeps her with them. They try to find their friend, while Joyce Will’s mom tries to contact him through flickering lights from the upside down. Everyone is on a mission to find Will, especially Joyce and Hopper who’s Joyce’s friend and a police officer. They eventually learn about the upside down, but while they do, someone finds Will’s body in a lake. Soon Hopper discovers that it’s not a real body and Will is still trapped in the underworld.

They went right away to find him as Eleven helped them connect to the upside down by her powers and told them about his place. Nancy mike’s sister who also lost her best friend to the upside-down monster tries to find her, and eventually knows that Barbra is dead. Everyone starts to fight the Demogorgon, but of course at the end of the day Eleven goes on full power against him and kills him on her own and disappears. They save Will and everything supposedly goes back to normal, only until Will coughs a slug and shifts back to the upside-down suddenly.


Eleven is in fact still alive and is kept in Hopper’s house, While Will still feel a strange presence in his own body and still have flashes of the upside down. Mike still misses El so much and Hopper Is dealing with a strange problem with people’s crops which leads him to the lab again!

Eleven escapes to try to find her mother and soon enough she discovers she has a sister who also has powers. She goes to find her and eventually discovers that she doesn’t belong and goes around trying to find her friends as she discovers they are in danger.

Soon enough Will discovers he is connected to the mind flayer who is also a monster from the upside down and they try to kill him to save will and of course they need El. Another person joins the trio and it’s Max who’s super cool, but mike doesn’t like her. Eventually they tell her the whole story and she agrees to take the risk, while her brother Billy tells her to stop hanging out with Luke out of racism.

People in the Lab try to open the gate to the upside again and it gets bad because a lot of people are killed, and a lot of monsters escaped. Eventually they kill the mind flayer, or they thought. And El and Hopper help each other out to close the gate once again. And everything is okay again, until the mind flayer gets back for revenge.


El and Max becomes close, Steve works in an ice cream shop with Robbin his colleague, while Dustin is out of town. El and Mike develops a relationship, while Will feels left out which gave us a feeling that he’s just not into girls. Everything is okay until Dustin comes back and meets Steve, he tells him about his new girlfriend Suzy and by mistake they get involved in a Russian server. Which Robbin translates and means that they are trying to open the gate to the upside down again.

On the other hand, Billy Max’s brother works as a lifeguard and as he was about to meet Mike’s mom in a motel, he gets bit by some rats in a freaky place which turns him into something weird.Eventually, he turns a lot of people like him and he seems like he’s after everyone. The trio then discovers this and gathers up El and Max to try to understand what is going on. While Dusty, Steve, Robbin and erica are trapped with the Russians.

Eventually, Hopper hates El and Mike’s relationship and tries to interfere, which somehow messes up the relationship. But eventually they get back together, and everyone bonds to save the town. This time to actually kill the mind flayer. The Russians have a code that only Suzy Dusty’s girlfriend knows, so he contacts her, and they all are surprised that Dustin does have a girlfriend after all. She helps them out and a Dustin sang a funny song that makes them all laugh later. Eventually, Hopper and Joyce kind of build a bond, as Hopper tries to ask her out, but fails. They help each other to understand why the magnet isn’t working and goes on a mission that links them to the mind flayer again!

At the end Hopper and Joyce tries to explode the machine that’s opening the gate and as that was happening Hopper exploded with the machine and Joyce thought he was dead. El couldn’t handle Hopper’s death because he was like a father figure to her. Joyce decides to move to another town with Will, Jonathan and El. They say their goodbyes and Joyce finally closes the door, but is it ever closed?

I hope this actually helps, and I hope you’re ready for what’s next. To be continued..

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