It has always been a crucial question for me to find out my purpose in life and what I care about. Influencing people’s lives is probably a dream for many young people, but it was a matter of knowing what kind of impact I want to make. Maybe we don’t all believe in coincidences; however, we all certainly had a bunch of signs in our life journey that made us make decisions in the time of obstacles and uncertainty. I, myself, was lucky to notice one of those signs at a young age; “A hundred years from now what will they call you?” This was the slogan for the closing video of the AUC centennial, which is maybe not an interesting thing for all, but, for me, this was one of the first signs that pointed out a question, that was more like a life equation I was determinant then to solve it, to make sure that whatever kind of change I want to make, it will always something that makes people remember me. Great people continuously said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”; however, a book can be definitely judged from its beginning, and since I am now writing the very first chapters in my life story, it is now a necessity to know the solution to the life question I mentioned before. Maybe a small part of the answer was the feeling of being destined to achieve something great, which was an idea that has been permanently inherent to my head, not because I feel that I am a super genius, but mostly because I had the instinct to write a story for myself that is worth reading, a story that always keeps inspiring its readers and keeps changing their minds, a story that motivates them to start writing their own stories. ​ ​ Thus, I had to start searching for my true passion, to seek the rest of the answer to my question, and to use those valuable signs in my life to overcome challenges that hinder the way towards my goals. I believe now in the possibility of “challenges with benefits” and looking forward to gaining a new experience from every upcoming obstacle; weather I conquered those challenges or I fell, it will always be a chance for self-development and also a chance to get even closer to the answer I am searching for. So, whether you already know your “why” in life or not, the next time you are asked, “A hundred years from now, what will they call you?” Just be sure that you are the person who determines that !

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