Teenage struggles and How to overcome them

TW! Mentions of suic*de and depress*on

They say that our teen years are what we will remember when we get old. How it felt being young and being able to experience everything for the first time and how magical it must feel. Even though those years will contain a lot of fun and memories, they still leave scars and marks on us. Being a teenager was never easy it is a stage of our life when we will have to go through a lot of heartbreaks and grief that a young adult won’t be able to handle correctly. What it means to be a teenager, you are in a phase where you are too old for a kid and too young for an adult, you face stress, depression, and anxiety which most of the time are not controlled in the best way. Being a teen has a lot of problems and struggles just like good and happy moments We face a lot of things such as

1.) suicide and Mental health issues

Mental health is so important and it has to be addressed in schools, homes, and everywhere. It is as essential as physical health. In the past decade, the rate of teen suicide and depression had utterly increased among young adults which are caused by several issues like

• Bullying

• Anxiety

• Stress

• Unacceptance

• Past traumas

We all face times when we feel depressed, tired, and emotionally exhausted. When every day turns to a bad one. Not everyone knows how to cope with sadness.it is important to seek help from an adult, a teacher, or a friend. When you feel sad and unmotivated to continue. If you have a friend that struggles with depression. Stand for them and support them. Listen to their words and stories. Without ignorance and judging. Suggest therapists or professional help if it is needed. be kind to others and make sure your friends, family, and everyone around you is doing fine.

2.) social media

Social media made us connect to the world, learn more, and understand the world without leaving our rooms but like everything in life it has pros and cons. social media is stressful. Its pressures you to be perfect in everything. It creates a standard for beauty, goals, and happiness. It provides a vision where everyone has a perfect life even though everyone has their problems and struggles ,Unfollow Instagram models if they make you insecure. Start following artists, positive influencers or people who make you happy. Sometimes you will need to take a break from all that chaos so make sure to step back if you ever feel overwhelmed

3.) connecting with family members

It is hard to talk to our families without the fear of being judged or misunderstood. We always hide secrets from them. We avoid talking to them about our problems because they will do no good for us. Which is wrong as much as it’s hard to communicate with them it is important. Because no matter what they will love us as who we are. they may not always show it but they do.

here are a list of things to do to improve your relationship with your family

• Accept that everyone is different and not all of you have the same beliefs and concepts

• Find common interests and activities that you can share

• Speak to them about your life and thoughts

• Understand their perspectives and point of view

• Spend more time with them

Teenage life is challenging, breaking, healing, and growing.it is fun and memorable.you just have to understand it. Face your struggles and learn from it

Written by: Mariem Mohamed

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