Small food bloggers, you should check out

Quarantining last year, made us all find new hobbies and pursue our dreams. And maybe if life was still the same- with no pandemic or quarantine- most of us would have not been this productive and creative. For me, I love nothing more than bored people finding their ways and making their dreams come true.

Some people -like myself- really enjoy watching other people cook. Spend the night under their blankets, in the dark watch cooking shows and food bloggers. or maybe you are one of those people who really want to learn cooking so That’s why I gathered 5 small food bloggers here on Instagram who have great content and would definitely appreciate the support

  • Bornhungry_bysluca
    Sarah Luca is a talented girl, her feed is FILLED with mouthwatering food pictures. She
    gives food reviews, recipes and some fun travel content as well.
  • ChezMahi
    Mahi is a mother who decided to turn her love for food into a platform to share this love with
    others. She’s short on the reviews but she has a lot of vegan options, gluten free and healthy
    recipes for you healthy food lovers!
  • Notatoeats
    Didn’t quite figure out her name, but I love the breakfast options she offers! She has a range
    of colourful plates, cakes and lunch ideas as well.As a person who gets fed up from food
    easily, this account helps me find delicious and also healthy recipes to cook.
  • Supersafeya
    Left the cutest for the last, Safeya is a 3 year old baby who shares with us recipes in the
    sweetest ways ever, with the help of her mum, you should definitely check her out for some
    lovely content! All time favourite blogger!

How to support content creators?

You can simply just like a post or leave an encouraging comment to let them know that their efforts are appreciated and are indeed beneficial. Share their posts and videos, and you can a few of their recipes. I assure you it will make all the difference in the world!

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