Sharks In Egypt: Their Home, Their Freedom.

In light of the recent events and resurfacing of shark attacks, people have grown concerned about their safety. As the ecosystem within the Egyptian waters continues to grow, fears and ‘exaggerated’ phobias do the same – which is fair. I know you’re most certainly worried that a shark will wreck your summer, but can’t it be the opposite?

Sharks Enticing The Spark

Along the ivory beaches of the Red Sea in Hurghada, a young Russian tourist – Vladimir Popov- was brutally murdered by a tiger shark after relentless attempts of fleeing. Going viral all across social media platforms, I strongly do not recommend watching it simply because it is someone’s life being taken. Fortunately, his girlfriend escaped the waters in time but only then was the hatred between the two species strengthened.


Located within the essence of a wide array of restaurants, leftover meat and food is dumped in the Sea and that is evidently what attracts any carnivore and not just sharks. As simple as it sounds, this is like throwing food for a ravenous, starving person and not expecting him to eat that rare supply. Why are the sharks being entirely mummified as a consequence? Are we going back to primitive ways of torture simply because an animal decided to act upon its nature? Rest assured that punishing and getting rid of that mindless animal will not bring back the killed tourist.

It’s Actually A Myth

Please keep in mind that the movie Jaws is not real. Approximately, there are less than 10 people annually who are killed by these creatures on the entire planet. Henceforth, trying to eradicate that immense number of sharks for the sake of the <10 victims is unjust. Remember, sharks are living evidence that our ecosystem is breathing once again. Let the ocean and waters breathe because if they can’t, then neither will you.

Still Scared? Take Precautions

If after all that, you still are somehow shaking to your core, then I suggest learning all about the ‘safety techniques’ you can apply. My top tip would be to act like a predator but never splash water at the shark or do anything that might ‘piss it off’ since you will give off the ‘prey impression’. Adding on to that, redirecting it away from you by placing your hand on its nose will definitely do the trick.

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