Self-care Saturdays- Self Confidence

Self-confidence can be described as the ability of the person to believe in his or her competence and abilities. Developing self confidence can boost the level of passion, hopes, and empathy in the individual. It gives people the courage to believe that they can confront the world and make a path of their own. But the real question is, how can you be confident in yourself when people and social media are constantly bringing you down? 

The first concept on your list must be to always be positive and optimistic. That sounds way easier said than done since we go through so much in our lives and we cannot really keep up with constant smiles and happiness, but the point is to surround yourself with postive people too. If you are surrounded by pessimistic people, you will always have negative thoughts. So let them go! 

Secondly, be aware of your value. Discover your hidden talents and qualities. The more you discover about yourself, the more self confident you will be. Do something challenging every week, and try new hobbies. Know your worth and your value. Boost your mood by always going back and remembering what obstacles you passed in life, where you succeeded, and where you are today.

Have goals and focus on them. Work on yourself and put yourself above others. Be focused on your mission and believe you can do it. Negative thoughts and feelings are the enemy of self-confidence. 

Lastly, learn to accept failure. You will not always win, that’s not the way life works. People who are successful tried over and over to be where they are today. They key is to not give up on what you love. What your friends think of you does not matter, what social media thinks of you doesn’t matter. Be you and most importantly know that what you think of your own self does in fact matter. 

Written by: Sara Ayoub

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