Self Acceptance

Happiness has infinite form and I think the form that sticks with us the most is self acceptance. embracing ourselves without any conditions is pure happiness.   We’re never perfect no matter how hard to try the road to perfectionism is an endless path with a horizon covered in clouds. Don’t get me wrong it’s okay to want to be a better version of yourself. Maybe working on being less toxic, more productive or working on our bodies. But we shouldn’t beat ourselves up if we’re not satisfied with the results because that’s not gonna help that might even make you a worse version of yourself. Because at the end perfection is an illusion and nobody is perfect.

The idea social media spreads that someone could be perfect is fake. When seeing people’s posts or stories we are simply just seeing one side from the story the side that they want to portray.  The key is being the person you want to be, being the person that you love , not the person that people would love because what if you don’t like that person?  Then how do we practise self acceptance?

  1) Practicing self acceptance starts with the intention and being self aware.

  2) Celebrate your strengths 

We have our pros and cons so we have to appreciate our pros and achievements instead of focusing on failures and mistakes that we can’t do anything about 

3) Learn to forgive yourself 

As I mentioned earlier, focusing on failures and mistakes is an infinite loop that may even lead you to more mistakes,instead we need to forgive ourselves and keep our eyes looking forward. Let our mistakes be our motivation to do better. Afterall acceptance is letting you of the past that we can not change or change and focusing on what you can control   

4) Be kind to yourself 

We sometimes do so much for others we forget to be kind and treat ourselves and celebrate small victories. It’s the small victories that lead to the biggest ones      

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