hi! I am kenzy Mamdouh a 17 years old Egyptian model that loves drawing, taking pictures and makeup. I want to become a fashion designer or a film producer as well as start a styling account and today am going to tell you everything you should know and do if you would like to pursue a career in modelling!

1) make your account public: this is the easiest way to make yourself seen and a way that businesses would know who you are in order to reach out to you! 2) Make a portfolio: getting your pictures professionally took with photographs is a great way to make a beautifully done portfolio, but if you think its too early for this step, grab a friend a camera or a phone with a good camera and make your own mini photoshoot 3) stay fit, exercise and take care of yourself: working out, eating healthy, going to the gym your free time and pampering yourself is a great way to look and feel good about yourself which takes us to the nest point 4) be confident: the modeling world is harsh if you don’t believe in yourself and what you do 

5)Ask  brands to collaborate with them when u collaborate u will have photos to post and that will attract other brands to reach out to you for collaborations 6) contact agencies to be one of their models and when the brands contact the agency for a model they will contact you. 7) try new poses in front of a mirror: that way you can find your good side and poses you look good in

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