May Abdelaziz and Carla Chamoun: two powerful women from the satwik Spotify campaign

A month or so back Spotify launched a playlist under the name “sawtik” to empower Arab women whose incredible voices have been underrepresented in the region and we were lucky enough to talk with two of them about what they have accomplished so far and what they would like to achieve next!

How did such an accomplishment make you feel? And did it change anything for you career-wise?

Carla: The #SAWTIK initiative made me feel like my voice is finally being heard. And felt like all the women who paved the way before me are giving me a high five! The campaign definitely gave me a push and provided more exposure for my songs in the Arab world.

May: One of her highlights in 2020 and in years of singing was to be chosen in “صوتك” because it helped me discover new artists as the platform included various singer with different colors and styles of singing and that was very interesting to me “Careerwise” tho the promotional campaign somehow pushed me further and it helped me get seen and heard on a larger scale.

What is your next step? What’s one goal you would like to achieve?

Carla: My next step, after living in the online world for a year, is to step outside of my comfort zone and expand my audience, travel the world and spread my music everywhere. I believe everyone has had enough of releasing online concerts and singles

May: one goal would be to be an international singer and she calls all people especially Arab community out of Egypt and out of the region to always tour and travel spreading my music and my message.

What song describes you? And if you could perform a song that has already been done what would it be and why?

Carla: Waw I can never choose just one song that describes me.I have a whole playlist for every mood you can possibly think of! So I’m sorry but I cant really choose one, hehe! But mainly, songs that have a message and are of high value are the ones that attract me the most.

What’s a message you would like to send to Arab women all around the world?

May: “أشجع واحدة” as it describes my personal thoughts and also a lot of other women’s thoughts and beliefs and i have tired preforming a sonf that has already been done before called ” ramadan gana” and it was more of redoing the old song and people loved it so i would love to re do old songs

Carla: I would like to encourage them to follow their dreams. To get enough and proper education and not go straight to marriage. To go out of their comfort zones and discover the world and see for themselves what it has to offer them. And most of all to love themselves and not be too hard on themselves.

May: Be brave, take the risks, dont care about consequences because if you belive in yourslef you will be unstopable

Interviewed by: Maya Darwish

Written by: Norhan Hany

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