Lacking study motivation for school? Here’s what you can do about it!

Whether its study burnout or general lack of motivation, writing that final essay can just seem like a mountain of a task- here’s what you can do about it.

1. A study group

Who says peer pressure doesn’t work? Working with your friends might just give you the push you need to get that assignment done. Working in a peer environment may get you to focus better as your friends will be there to keep you in check- conversely, some people can find their friends more distracting, so, use this tip at your own risk!

2. A Clean Environment


They say your room is a reflection of your mind, and messy room means a messy mind that can’t concentrate. So, cleaning your room or even moving to a clean study environment can be the motivation you need to start (or finish) that project!

3. Study Along

If an actual peer group is too distracting for you, a YouTube study along may be what you need. You get to watch someone else be productive which inadvertently may cause you to want to be productive as well.

4. Treat Yourself

Whether this is a coffee or an extra-long break, treating yourself may give you the boost you need to continue studying or working on that project.

5. Teach someone else (as motivation)

Offering to teach someone else the given study materials may get you amped up enough to learn them better yourself and study everything from different angles. This may also allow you to ask questions

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