Huda El-Mufti Continues To Impress In The Ramadan 2023 Thriller TV Series Mystery Box

After dazzling us with her performances in previous Ramadan seasons, working on the hit shows Suits and Valentino, Huda El-Mufti continues to amaze us with her performance in this year’s mystery and thriller series Mystery box. 

huda el-mufti

In Mystery Box, El-Mufti is a bright college student whose natural inquisitiveness prompts her to use her special investigative abilities to decipher the clues hidden in a mystery box sent by an unknown sender for the birthday of one of her friends.

In the second episode of the series, as El-Mufti (Nour), Ali Kassem (Youssef), and Ahmed Dash (Yassin) attempt to solve the riddles found in the mystery box, they discover that the contents of the box belong to a journalist named Arwa Mourad (Riham Abdel Ghafour), who went missing under unusual circumstances. 

Aside from its star-studded cast, Mystery box is helmed by Marwan Abd El-Moneim and penned by Mostafa Sakr and Mahmoud Ramadan. 

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