Lets admit it. We all have our bad days. Days when we feel anxious, exhausted, and dull. It is utterly okay to feel unproductive and lifeless its okay to feel down and to make mistakes. Its all a part of your journey, and that journey requires self-satisfaction through all your days. You should be more satisfied and happier for waking up every day and surviving it with all its struggles and achievements.

Throughout the bad days remember that everything will work and that no matter how bad things get, they will be over before you even know. You can switch your day simply by doing little things like staying outside and absorbing provides vitamins and increases chemicals that help you stay calm, relaxed, and full of energy.

You can also play sports or meditate; they clear your mind and allow you to control your anxiety and reduce stress. One of my most preferred options is binging a new show on Netflix. It transfers me to another dimension where I get to be a part of the show/movie. You can listen to music, read a new book, or write what going on in your mind, or take it easy on yourself. You can just have a nap or a bath. If you don’t like to stay alone, company and communication will be great and comforting for you.

You can call a friend or hang out. They will help you recover from a bad emotional state and listen to you. Your friends/family will understand you and they will be able to support you with all their power. Being around them will make you stronger. You can also do inside/outside activates too like. . Dancing . Bicycle riding . Face masks. Go for a walk. . Play with your pet Cry! I know you might think that crying will make things worse, but surprisingly crying in fact helps you.

First, it is emotionally healthy. Its a natural way for our body to express itself. Locking your emotions will make things harder beside it has a negative impact on our removes toxins from your body and reduces stress and Manganese, a mineral that affects mood swings. Random acts of kindness.

Showing kindness to others reflects back on activates a part of your brain that will make you feel pleased and happy. Being able to help people in need and support them is overwhelming. Its good for your heart, and prevents illness. You can donate clothes/stuff you don’t use anymore. Make someone smile. Plant a flower. Text an old friend. Give compliments Add happy notes everywhere and spread positivity. be a reason to make someone happy. Last, try new hobbies and activate. Go on an adventure with your friends or road trips across the town. Go out and meet new people. Bad days come and go. Without bad days the good ones wont have a kind to yourself.

Dont forget we are all humans. We make mistakes and we get sad. Dont stress yourself. Take a deep breath and let go of all your worries. Written

by: mariem mohamed

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