Here’s Our Take on Pablo’s Concert

Marwan Pablo’s concert was really hyped up, and many were excited to go. Personally, my twitter feed composed of people who were already there or people who wanted to go but couldn’t. Unfortunately, the concert didn’t meet the expectations of anyone; in fact, it breached all sorts of rights.

Stories of sexual harassment surged, many of which are under Sabah Khodir’s post on Instagram. Many girls struggled to escape and had their male friends help them leave the scene where they were were not allowed a shred of humanity. You want to know what’s worse? Pablo’s fans made sure to humiliate and make fun of the testimonies in Facebook memes even though none of the testimonies involved the rapper. Speaking of, this rapper didn’t address this issue clearly, up until now, two days later. Ever heard of accountability?

Moving on, the security team took the night off and couldn’t care less about the concert. Illegal drugs were consumed and people constantly jumped from the silver to the gold and the bronze to the gold. While drugs and this ‘jumping’ happens at almost all concerts, in Egypt and abroad, it’s never so dangerously widescale. Do drugs, you do you, but do these drugs in their designated place, away from underage people who may be tempted to do the same.

Will anyone honestly address Shabjdeed and his unwise comments that got Pablo banned? Ya Mawlay is a religious ibtihal, meaning that it’s not divine but a human creating that was classified as spiritual among the people. So taking this ibtihal out of context was not acceptable, at all. You’re free to see it as okay or not as, again, you’re free to believe in whatever you want to believe. However, it doesn’t change the fact that i’s very offensive to many Muslims. Allow me to stray off-topic for a second, you being educated and intellectual doesn’t give you the right to determine what’s offensive or not. The fact that Ya Mawlay was composed by Baligh Hamdy, who composed other less conservative music, means nothing next to the fact that people consider this song and ibithal a part of their religious practices.

Have decency, please.

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