Here Is How to Help With Everything Going On In Morroco and Libya.

At 11:11 PM on Friday the 8th of September, an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 struck the Moroccan Atlas Mountain range, killing more than 12,000 people and displacing more than 15, 000 people. The disaster completely demolished approximately 2,500 households, causing loss of medicine, sustenance and basic shelter.

With such heart-wrenching statistics, we all need to stand with Morroco. You can do that by donating here:, where an Emergency aid pack is for £50.

With the Mediterranean storm Daniel wreaking havoc across the Mediterranean coasts (Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria), Libya has already been faced with devastating chaos. As a minimum of 2000 people were killed due to the storm, Libya declared a government emergency: schools, shops and civilians are undergoing curfew. What is more pressing is the missing number of people, which exceeds 2000.

Below are the Red Crescent numbers you can contact to aid those who are in need:
• Secretary General (Omar Abu Dabbous): +218913260021
• Al-Zubair Al-Ghariani (Advisor to the Chamber): +2189114706827
• Muhammad Al-Manfi: +218915331707
• Ahmed Masoud: +218928407882

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