We have prepared for you a great new way to gossip and have fun

– DIY you’re very own Guess Who ! Whether you want to gaze into your fave celebs faces or want something to play with your friends, we got you!

Here’s a step by step manual to making your personal Guess Who- but IRL!

1. Who are your Whos ? Celebrities, cartoon characters, people you know or even memes. Pick a category to select your whos from.

2. Get head shot photos of them and edit in their names.

3. Print it out.

4. Use those durable fiber posters to cut-out and stick the framed faces.

5. get 2 card boards and a bunch of binder clips and stick the clips in rows then put your head shots ( video explaining this step is on our insta @uthhub)

6. Be careful and guess who!

​And that’s about it. Super easy and super fun; no need to thank us (;

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