Gaza: What Is Happening and How to Help

Again. Children become orphans, and men and women become widowers, again. For those who have yet to watch the news or need to be updated about the situation in Gaza, this is for you, for all of us, and most importantly, this is for Palestine.

⁃ Gaza:

A strip of land that is considered home to more than two million Palestinians, which are mostly refugees from other formerly-Palestinian cities that Israel now occupies. Since 1967, Gaza has been under the cruel and brutal Israeli military sage, which makes Gaza an almost colonized land with its citizens stripped from their basic rights. To add more pressure on Palestinians, for the past 15 years, Israel had Gaza sealed off from the rest of the world, including restrictions when it came to resources of bare necessities such as food, water and medicine. With such basic human rights stripped from the strip of land, cruelty towards children was not off limits, where over a thousand infant lives were taken over the course of the past 12 years. Still, Gaza remains defenseless…

⁃ Over the past month:

Death toll reaches 29, including children and women, in addition to an increase in injuries reaching 253. And this is only when one speaks of the physical torment on the families; on the other hand -regarding mental health- it is found that four out of five children in Gaza suffer depression -a byproduct for their homes being assaulted for 15 years.

⁃ How to Help:

Donations. Making donations through programs such as the UN, MATW and UNRWA would increase the chances of resources reaching Gaza. Another way to help is by sharing the stories, remembering that these are NOT just numbers; they are lives being destroyed as if worthless. Finally, updating people around you and casting light on the topic relentlessly would encourage more people to have more fight for Gaza; this is not a trend, it is a fellow Arab country living through a daily nightmare with loss of hope along with lives.

Whether you choose to help by sharing and reposting or by donating, Gaza needs all the help it could get, as this was never a war, it is assault. May God be in Palestine’s aid.

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