1. Cinderella’s dress You may not know you have or need it yet, but a casual dress you can pair with both sneakers and stilettos and wear to an outing with friends as well as to a family gathering is something every woman needs. You want to look cute in the dress but still be able to throw a hoodie over it and make it work, you know ?

Here’s some inspo:

2. LBD Ah, the little black dress. It is a classic that varies in style and shape according to each person’s preferences. However, it does have some clear guidelines you want to follow if you want your LBD to be a timeless, versatile and posh piece in your wardrobe. Think of something like that: 

3. Formal wear This is not only important for MUNs anymore, but also for the professional world you will be entering. As you enroll into university you want to have some tailored formal items you can confidently wear to interviews, meetings and networking events. 

4. A put together Pyjama set: As you grow older you want to refine your style and really, your whole lifestyle. Having a unified Pyjama is a first step to do so. For one, it’s something people who’ve got their lives pulled together own. It makes you feel good, give it a go. Here are some ideas:

5. Sporty bottoms you can upgrade Ending school means you’re ready to take on more work. Having comfortable sporty bottoms, think both leggings or sweat pants, you can hustle in but also dress up if needed, is a basic you should have. Be sure they are of durable material.

6. Statement jewelry It really doesn’t matter what kind of jewelry you wear, to each their style and preference. However make sure you have some key jewelry pieces that go with almost everything you have and that define your style. Wether it be gold hoop earrings, dainty silver necklaces, colorful crystal jewelry or anything else you enjoy accessorizing, have fun but stay chic. Accessories go a long way and can make or break an outfit. Here are some styles:

7. One pair of running heels Heels for running ? Yes, they exist. They may require some hunting and lots of trying on, but a pair of heels that are so comfortable you can walk in for days do exist. And you do need them, for the hours you’ll be standing or walking to meetings and events- you might as well feel comfortable. To find that dream pair you may want to do some online research, very helpful. It’s pretty self explanatory that these are merely suggestions, you are in no way obliged to go tomorrow and buy whatever is on this list. Rather think of this article as something to keep on top of your head next time you go shopping. When you start shopping for key items and create your own capsule wardrobe, you’ll always have something to wear.

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