Egyptian Products that deserve the rave

We all prefer foreign products over local ones but when the local ones are as good as the foreign ones, then why not? These local brands provide AHHHMAZING products that actually deserve the rave:

  • Up-Fuse

What’s honestly better than products that are ethically made and have a cause behind them? Up-Fuse produces bags that are ethically made of recycled plastic, and believe me when I say they’re the most beautiful bags I’ve ever seen.

  • Doodle Factory

The cause behind this brand is outstanding, their products are doodled by the hands of children to support their basic needs of healthcare & education. The lives of 4000 kids have been changed since they started. A huge bonus is that 85% of their collection is 100% cotton. You can find everything you want on their website from bags all the way to clothes too!

  • Mobikya

Mobikya is a brand that makes upcycled furniture out of tires, when I first heard of them I thought their stuff won’t look good (because they’re made of car tires) but then I actually saw what they have to offer, I was shocked of how pretty their furniture is.

  • Allaga

Allaga is an ethnic brand of Egyptian fashion and jewelry made by a group of young dynamic designers to revive artisanship and heritage from omitted areas in Egypt. They sell clothes that are inspired by our past and origin and they’ve worked with multiple famous artists.

Written by: Mariam Ibrahim

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