Egyptian Labels: 8 Homegrown Brands Reigning Supreme in the Fashion Arena

In the heart of Egypt, a vibrant and burgeoning fashion scene is taking centre stage, showcasing the exceptional talent and creativity of local businesses. Gone are the days when international labels dominated the industry; today, it’s the homegrown brands that are capturing the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

What Egyptian Brands to Keep on Your Radar:


Okhtein – Arabic for sisters – is a startup that aims to promote Egyptian craftsmanship and local talent. Founded by two sisters, Mounaz and Aya, Okhtein is a balance of their favourite things like handmade loud jewellery, genuine leather bags, and jackets in the package of toned-down and minimalistic aesthetic. They also have a partnership with Yasmine Al Said, an Egyptian brand the manufactures leather jackets. They recently debuted their scarf collection titled ‘people you’d like to meet’ as part of a partnership with American nail care brand Essie and a new store in Mall of the Emirates. For another range of jewellery, check it out here!

2. Rafeya

Rafeya designs abayas, modest cultural apparel and dresses. She set up shop in the Zamalek area in Cairo in 2014 and, lacking the fund to develop a website, turned to Facebook to market her designs and answer clients’ questions. She now has 12k followers on Facebook and 85k followers on Instagram and has a very active relationship with her followers. Their mission is to make fashion available for every woman with no more unavailable sizes.

Sabry Marouf

Founded by Ahmed Sabry and Daki Marouf, Sabry Marouf is a jewellery and accessory start up that pays tribute to their shared heritage, combining aspects of ancient Egypt with contemporary expression to better articulate something entirely new. They believe in sustainable and ethical practices as they push the boundary of material innovation.


Richa is an Egyptian clothing and streetwear lifestyle brand established in Cairo, Egypt in October 2018 by Omar Hegazy, dedicated to the creation of new products without losing its cultural identity. Richa grew to encourage and display the intertwining of the Middle eastern and western fashion culture. The brand aims to appeal to a unique sector of street wear culture as well as the Fine Arts, extreme sports and hip hop scenes specifically.

Suuk Clothing

An Egyptian-Canadian Brand aiming at simplicity, Suuk is committed to sustainability and quality. Their timeless designs and minimalist vibe will easily fit into anyone’s closet. With half of the Suuk team being located in Cairo, and the other half in British Columbia, their goal is to express and celebrate the unique differences of life on two different sides of the world. Each design is inspired by these differences and is portrayed by using polar opposite colour schemes, graphic visuals, or shoot locations.


Walhesh, a standout streetwear brand in Egypt, has managed to capture the essence of the country’s rich history and culture by seamlessly blending vintage vibes with a contemporary edge. What sets Walhesh apart is its distinctive approach to design, where old shots of Egypt take center stage, forming the visual foundation of its collections. This brand has masterfully incorporated Arabic calligraphy, further enhancing its unique and nostalgic aesthetic.


Colorful, energetic, and fresh. This Trendsetting brand dates back to 2013; With clever phrases and fun visuals, UNTY’s pieces are sure to never go out of style.  


Founded back in 2019, Ensan mixes the old with the new by using the artwork of the 1900s on very modern-looking silhouettes. In their own words, “Orientalism is an art movement between the 18th and 19th century that imitates depictions of the Eastern world through art, design, and writing. Our simple mission is to bring as many fabrics as possible from that region and combine them with western-style clothing.” The name of their products is also very Egyptian, as they have El Shisha and El Tawla T-shirts. 

As these Egyptian brands continue to redefine the fashion landscape, the world watches with anticipation. From the streets and the pages to the global stage, these brands are not just creating fashion; they are telling stories, and weaving narratives that celebrate Egypt’s heritage and cultural diversity. The future of Egyptian fashion is bright, and these brands are at the forefront of a sartorial revolution that embraces authenticity, innovation, and a global perspective. Keep an eye on these names—they are the trailblazers of Nile Elegance, shaping the narrative of Egyptian fashion for generations to come.

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