EBISMUN’24: Unleashing an Era of Innovation, Youth and Elegance.

EBISMUN is not your typical Model United Nations conference. If you think it’s all about debates, yelling, and bland food, think again. If we were to describe what it is, it is precisely stepping into a real UN session, but with a twist – you don’t just walk away with a wealth of knowledge, but with a treasure trove of unforgettable memories that you will be recounting to your grandkids.

More than that, EBISMUN is a transformative experience that upgrades your personality, equipping you with the resilience and adaptability to navigate crises with ease. But before the model week, EBISMUN’24 promises a day with fashion at its peak. So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey that will leave you with more than just a certificate, then EBISMUN is the place to be.

Before the Model Week: Dive into EBIS Bazaar

EBISMUN’24 is set to redefine the conference experience with an unprecedented event that promises to leave attendees spellbound. Get ready to mark your calendars for March 1st from 1 PM to 9:30 PM as EBIS Bazaar takes centre stage, offering an immersive blend of discovery, indulgence, and excitement.

Step into a world where fashion meets flair, where every corner holds a treasure waiting to be uncovered. The EBIS Bazaar is not just any ordinary marketplace – it’s a journey through a myriad of brands that have come together to create an unparalleled shopping extravaganza. With the likes of Eyad Youssef, Mariam Saad, and Sarah El Deeb among the luminaries gracing the event, attendees can expect nothing short of excitement and inspiration.

From fashion to accessories, lifestyle to wellness, the bazaar promises a diverse array of brands curated to captivate every interest and taste. Let us not forget the exciting addition of influencers such as Mariam El Haraky, Muhammed Beeka, SeifVenom and Jana Goudah, helping the Bazaar become a hub of innovation, creativity, and fashion.

Once the day is over, the week arrives with a life-changing experience packed with excitement, learning, and unforgettable moments. At EBISMUN, excellence meets opportunity in the world of Model United Nations!

Meet the 3 brilliant minds steering the ship!

A Uth-Slogan

Their outstanding slogan of “where young minds speak” encapsulates their dedication to fostering the voices of tomorrow’s leaders. It is not merely a phrase but a guiding principle that shapes their mission. EBISMUN firmly believes in the potential of youth to shape the future, offering a platform for young minds to articulate their ideas, perspectives, and dreams on a global scale.

Within this dynamic environment, every delegate’s voice throughout session and conference days carries weight and significance. It’s a space where diversity of thought flourishes, where ideas intersect, and where substantive change takes root. Young minds not only speak but also catalyze inspiration, provoke critical dialogue, and ignite transformative action.

And the councils?

Following their slogan of “where young minds speak”, young but experienced secretariats lead the charge, guiding delegates through a diverse range of conflicts with expertise and finesse. From the United Nations Security Council to the Economic and Social Council, there are seven councils for everyone to sink their teeth into. But it’s not just about the councils – it’s about the vibrant community of friendly people coming together to make a difference.

Forming friendships at EBISMUN is a breeze!

It’s Only Fun at EBISMUN!

And let’s not forget the perks – delicious food to keep you fueled throughout those heated conference days with a variety of sponsors. Speaking of heated days, get ready for intense debates and thrilling discussions that will challenge you to your core, sparking change and depth in character that will stay with you long after the conference ends.

But it’s not all work and no play! EBISMUN knows how to throw a party, and their vibrant, lively closing ceremony is the perfect way to celebrate the end of an incredible journey. So pack your bags, grab your enthusiasm, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime at EBISMUN – where every moment is a chance to make history that goes down your college applications or CV!

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