Here’s what we know about Huda Kattan and her Dubai Bling Sister-Star Mona’s beauty brand


Huda Kattan and her sister Mona Kattan are two Iraqi-American sisters who have been taking the beauty world by storm with their brand in Dubai. They’ve launched a successful beauty empire based in the Middle East. Recently, Mona joined the glamorous, star-studded Dubai Bling cast. She and her sister have also created a significant presence in the beauty business world off-screen, running a flourishing makeup company, with their cosmetic products being sold worldwide. The two sisters are a blend of beauty and business, running a successful makeup company, and here’s some information you may not have known about Huda Beauty. 

Huda Beauty began as a blog

After studying for an undergraduate degree in finance, Huda Kattan began a blog and YouTube channel which featured makeup tutorials and tips. After building an online following, she eventually collaborated with her sisters to bring life to the Huda Beauty Brand. Huda couldn’t find false eyelashes that met her needs, so she decided to create some herself, kickstarting the sisters’ beauty empire. 

The brand first launched in Dubai 

Huda Kattan was formerly in the finance industry and later became a professional makeup artist. and wasn’t completely satisfied with the quality of false eyelashes that the beauty market had to offer. She then joined forces with her two sisters, Mona and Alya, who helped her financially to give life to Huda Beauty’s first product. It was an instant hit in Sephora Dubai and grew globally afterwards. Starting from just eyelashes, Huda Beauty has seen a lot of growth, with numerous products such as eyeliners, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and other makeup products being sold. 

Huda Beauty is an ethical brand that gives back

Huda Beauty is more than just a successful cosmetics business. It’s an ethically run cosmetics brand. The two sisters support important causes like the Free Palestine and Black Lives Matter movements. The official Huda Beauty website also states that they believe in ethical practices and treating their employees fairly. Huda and Mona have built a brand that promotes guilt-free beauty. Huda Beauty also practices cruelty-free beauty development, not testing on animals as well. One of the driving factors towards the success and popularity of Huda Beauty is that it’s a guilt-free purchase for consumers. 

Huda Beauty brand has created an impressive social media presence

Huda Beauty has built a significant online media presence with over 50 million followers on Instagram. A part of their thriving business is the very popular social media page, which reaches a worldwide audience. 

Huda Beauty has expanded into sub-brands 

Huda Beauty has diversified its market, branching off into other areas. The fragrance and skincare lines follow the sister’s other passions, such as scents and skincare. After finding success in the makeup industry, Huda and Mona ventured into other areas. Their brand now produces a fragrance line, Kayali, with an array of perfumes and fragrances. In addition, there’s a skincare line with a range of products, moisturisers, skin care products and skincare tools. 

The two influential sisters have built a lucrative business through hard work and strategy. I hope you’ve learned something new about the famous beauty brand Huda Beauty. 

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