Bucket list places

White Desert, Egypt

The White desert can give you the most amazing stargazing experience like no other. You can go on a desert safari and hiking in the morning and then enjoy laying under the stars between the rocky desert mountains at night for a breathtaking view.

Scuba diving in the Red Sea

Scuba diving in the Red Sea offers divers some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs, plentiful marine life, and highly diverse sites to dive.

Kayak in Zamalek

Zamalek Kayak provides a unique rowing experience in the river Nile, with their small boats and life jackets. It is completely safe and no previous experience of rowing is required. Just some brief instructions about how to row, navigate and put a life jacket on, then you jump into the kayak boat and start rowing.

Siwa salt lakes

Both hot and cold salt lakes can be found in Siwa, as well as salty and fresh water springs. Each of these pools has their own health benefits and unique pleasures. The salt lakes are particularly good for your sinuses, skin and eye infections. You can float in them just like in the dead sea!

Hike to the summit of Mount. Sinai

When and if you are able, go hike Mt. Sinai. They do offer camel ride until certain point, but after that, you are on your own. Depends on your convenience, the camel ride can either hurt you or make you sleepy on the way up. The hike itself takes about an hour. Be sure to start from the bottom from 2 am to catch the sunrise. On the way down, it is much better.

Nubian village

Visiting the Nubian Village could be a fantastic half-day trip. There are lots of colorful Nubian village in Egypt. It has been popular among locals and foreigners and is 45 minutes by boat from the amazing Aswan.

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