Breaking Boundaries: Dubai’s Explosive Scene in the World of Wrestling!


When one thinks of Dubai they envision sky-high skyscrapers, luxurious restaurants and stretches of pristine beaches. But beneath the glitz, glamour and popular tourism industry, Dubai has an up-and-coming wrestling scene. Still in its developing stages, born out of passion and privately funded, wrestlers have taken their time to grow wrestling in the UAE.

Wrestlefest DXB is a new initiative that has been created by lovers of wrestling for lovers of wrestling. Each month, they have an impressive line up to offer, with a range of shows and events. The shows are spectacular, with the ambient lighting, immersive soundtracks, captivating commentary and riveting matches being delivered in each show. You can see the passion of the wrestlers and the wrestling management behind the scenes. They construct very comical and engrossing shows, with different storylines coming into play, and very vibrant characters encapsulating the audience.

Dubai’s wrestling scene is a bridge between sports, entertainment and action. For wrestling fans in Dubai who enjoy watching from television, they can see the action unfold right before their eyes. They offer impressive choreography and stunts that leaves audiences at the edge of their seat.

Where to watch the wrestling matches

Warehouse Four is located in the artistic neighbourhood of Al Quoz and that’s where you can catch all of the excitement happening. A warehouse has been transformed into a wrestling arena, where you can watch matches and enjoy refreshments.

What to expect

There are usually back-to-back bouts (matches), with an intermission in between to enjoy some of the food being provided the vendors. There is an illuminated ring in the centre where matches happen, a thrilling performance of wrestlers tackling, backflips, swift movements and entertaining commentary. There are different prices for different seats, with the best seats being at the top. If you’re looking to attend on of these events, the price ranges from 100dhs to around 200 dhs.

Some of the wrestlers on the scene


Breaking records as the first professional Emirati wrestler globally, Shaheen is part and proactive in the Dubai Wrestling scene. He has seen success locally and abroad, taking UAE on the map at WWE. Occasionally he makes appearances at the Wrestlefest DXB tournaments. He’s an internationally acclaimed talent that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


Roxxy is currently the first female homegrown wrestler in the UAE. Wrestlefest DXB has been highlighting female wrestlers, an underrepresented part of the wrestling community. She has performed in multiple shows and continues to be a fan-favourite, being a role model for young girls who have keen interest in wrestling. She has been slowly creating a platform for female wrestling in the UAE, in a commonly male- dominated field. You can see her in action at one of the Women’s Tournaments or at the Wrestlefest DXB events.

Exciting upcoming events

Tacos and Takedowns – Quoz Arts Fest

The wrestling scene has creative collaborations, with Wrestlefest DXB having a pop-up at the long awaited Quoz Arts Fest. They have a ingeniously named the event Tacos and Takedowns. It combines two things people love, sports and food. You can catch them with The Misfits Kitchen at Warehouse Four in Al Quoz.

Pop Up at POP Con ME

In February, Wrestlefest Dubai will be present at the highly anticipated POP Con Middle East. On the 2, 3rd and 4th of February, you can engage in some wrestling related fun with the pop-up at the POP Con.

If you’re a fan of wrestling, or just want to explore something new, you should definitely check out Dubai’s up and coming wrestling scene. It’s family friendly entertainment for people of all ages. Exciting events all year round that are not to be missed out on.

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