Black & Blessed the clothing brand empowering black lives

A couple of weeks ago, this brand contacted me regarding a feature and a PR gift and after learning about what their brand stands for I was so down.

Black & blessed is more than just a clothing line, it’s one that empowers black lives and we are definitely here for it!

So I had a talk with Megdad, B&B founder, about starting his business and how he makes sure different races feel welcomed to wear his brand, and here is what he has to say about all that:

Tell us a bit about yourself and black&blessed

hey! I’m Megdad Hassan a 24 years old from Sudan and I’m a business graduate. To me black&blessed is for people who want to get noticed wherever they go, I wanted to make something that people will talk about everywhere. The name b&b speaks for itself “being black is the biggest blessing anyone can have” and we’re trying to promote that and spread this message through our designs.

What made you want to start black&blessed ?

I’m a fashion addict myself, you can always find me shopping somewhere so the thought of starting a brand has always been there in my head but there was never time for me to execute it then COVID-19 came and I stayed at home and finally had time to focus on making it come to life. It launched later that year in October ( a very huge shout out to my friends tho, could not have done any of this without yall )

What does your brand stand for?

Three things: Community,Culture and Awareness 

Is your brand just for a certain race? If not, how do you make sure everyone feels welcomed to wear your brand? 

our first design was the “Power T’s” which was my way of giving back to my people. but now I make sure everyone’s welcomed to wear our brand. I started doing that with our latest drop the ‘blessed’ Hoodies, where all races are welcomed.

Finally, What are some goals you would like to achieve through black & blessed?

starting off, I want to have a store in my home country -Sudan- and then the UAE. after that we go worldwide inshallah!

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