Back to School Stress: 5 Killer Tips On How to Manage It.

It’s that time of the year again – when your worries and stress are reborn again on white paper and meaningless numbers. It’s also that time when new characters are introduced, and a new plot is being set. What I am trying to convey here is that you are the director of your own show – how the new academic year goes is purely under your power. From a future director to a director, here are some tips to create a satisfying plot for your show!

Set Some Goals!

Before the season starts, take some time and start contemplating how you want your future to look. Are you planning to graduate this year? Are you planning to fix last year’s grades? Or are you simply planning to stay committed to school? Setting goals will surely diminish any semblance of stress overtaking you right now; accomplishing them will even eradicate any stress from the future!

Filter Out The Old Characters.


Every show needs an invigorating start. Please don’t let the audience keep screaming ‘He’s right there from behind the screen…If anyone simply does not serve a purpose in your life, then let them go! Must I remind you that we are spending no time this year dwelling over people: if they’re out willingly, then that means less trouble! Detach yourself from everyone and thank me later.

Life Exists Outside of School!

Remember that your academic life isn’t everything! There is so much more to life than drowning yourself in tedious work that should not take so much energy. Basing your self-worth off of school will only have you drained, stressed and simply insecure. The last thing you need this year is a lack of confidence.


Now I cannot emphasise how critical this tip is. Okay…I won’t lie: a little hot tea on what’s going around is entertaining. However, I would highly advise you to remain a listener. Keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself – particularly, if they’re about other people who did not ask for them. Otherwise, you will be the hot tea…

Nourish Your Brain!


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As cliché as it sounds, if you really want to demolish any sort of stress you’re expecting, then make sure you’re getting enough nutrients so that your brain functions properly. As much as we all love those Fast Food restaurants, they really won’t do us any help throughout the year. If you care about what your body consumes, then your body will take care of your stress 🙂

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