Another Earthquake 2 weeks after disaster- Here’re all the ways to help

Another earthquake struck the border region of Turkey and Syria today, just two weeks after the area was devastated by a larger quake which killed more than 47,000 people and damaged or destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes. Turkey and Syria need your help now more than ever so here is how to help:

  • Donate to reputable organizations that are providing aid and relief to those affected by the earthquake.
  • Volunteer with local organizations or charities that are providing aid and support to earthquake victims.
  • Share information about the earthquake on social media to help raise awareness and encourage others to donate or get involved.
  • Consider donating blood to local blood banks to help with the increased demand for blood.
  • Offer support and assistance to friends, family members, or colleagues who may have been affected by the earthquake, or who have loved ones who were affected.
  • Consider supporting Syrian/Turkish-owned businesses or artists to help provide economic support to those affected by the conflict.

Trustable Organizations to Donate to:

For Turkey:

For Syria:

Most importantly, keep both countries in your prayers.

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