every now and then an animal abuse article comes out showing us how hateful and horrible some humans might be, right now the news of the pregnant elephant in Kerala that was out in search for food for her and her baby when a group of people gave her a coconut with crackers stuffed in which exploded in her mouth causing the death of her and her baby is the center of the news and for what? a few laughs? what is even funny about animal abuse? and what did that poor mom do to deserve this to happen to her and her baby? probably because she trusted humans but the problem doesn’t stop here from animal testing to slathering to neglecting. Animals have been going through this for as long as ever in fact it is estimated that an animal gets abused every 60 seconds!! ITS TIME FOR US TO BE THEIR VOICES!! before some of them extinct

You may wonder what can I alone do to stop this? below ill be mentioning a few things you can do as a youth member to stop or minimize this impact​

  • educate educate educate i can’t stress this enough but talking about it during a friends hangout or a family dinner can make a huge difference and open peoples eyes about what they may not know also knowledge are the strongest weapon we have 
  • stop buying stuff and benefiting brands for poisoning animals, animal testing can be incredibly harmful and extremely painful for the animal these brand include benefit, Calvin Klein, bath and body works, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana and many many more
  • if you own a pet be a responsible pet owner and provide them their basic needs 
  • report any causes of animal abuse seen either online or in person 
  • finally purchase free fur clothes as much as you can because you can never know what method was used to skim that animal from its fur 

Written by: Maya Darwish

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