Adopting children is not a trend.

Can you leave your child under any circumstances?

This is the question families must ask themselves before adopting any child.

A couple of days ago, The founder of the children’s adoption group in Egypt posted a video on social media telling the story of 3 years old adopted girl whose family had returned her to the orphanage when the mother became pregnant.

Among all the awareness campaigns about mental health & children’s adoption, among all the culture that we’re trying to spread, we’re still committing such crimes.

Actually, no words can explain how this girl is now feeling. Imagine how can she trust anyone in life ever again?

Children’s personalities, traits, trust & confidence are all based on their parents. So, how can we destroy someone’s life like that? How can we hope to raise psychologically normal generations while doing such acts?

Awareness campaigns are not summer trends & Humans are not plastic. We’re talking about very sensitive & weak creatures that can’t even defend themselves against our arrogance. The pain every child will feel after feeling abandoned is unbearable. We’re betraying their trust in life.

Unfortunately, Not all of us have the ability to choose our lives, that’s what orphans & homeless children are facing. All they need is kindness & we need to know that this is our responsibility towards them. Whether you’re a parent of an orphan or not.

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