Many of us skip breakfast because we’re super tired or simply because most of us don’t even feel like eating in the morning. However, skipping breakfast is the first step to an unhealthy day. Eating a full meal in the morning gives you energy throughout the day. You’ll realise your whole day is more productive once you start eating a nutritious meal in the morning.

1. Oatmeal You can cook some oatmeal with milk or water and top it with any toppings you prefer whether savory or sweet. It tastes delicious and will seriously fill you up!

2. Eggs You can have eggs on toast, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, etc. You can make eggs in a million different ways and that’s why i think it’s so fun to eat in the morning. It’s also filled with protein which is a bonus!

3. Smoothie bowls This one is my ultimate favorite breakfast. Blend some frozen bananas and any other fruit in a blender and there you have it! So easy and so beautiful. One of my favorite mixes are frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, almond milk, and a drizzle of honey.

4. Pancakes You can never go wrong with pancakes. The healthy version of pancakes tastes even better than the regular one! Mix up one banana, 1 egg, vanilla extract, some milk, and there you go.

5. French toast I love french toast because it gives me that sweet dose in the morning and also fills me up! I love topping it with berries and some bananas.

6. Breakfast burrito Burritos are such a fun and healthy way to start your morning. I personally have eggs, bacon, cheese, mushrooms, and spinach in my burrito. And it tastes super delicious! Breakfast is the most impmeal of the day.

​Don’t skip it, and definitely have some fun with it❤️

written by: Sara Ayoub

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