6 New Exciting Releases You Should Be On The Lookout For

With summer being half-way through, everyone is on the edge of their seats in anticipation of new releases to spice up the remaining days of heat, here’s what we know 😉

1. Carolina Herrera: 


World-renowned high perfumery brand Carolina Herrera is amongst the first of this summer’s most anticipated releases. Herrera’s perfumeries never fail to impress and so it’s no secret how their newest scent that explores Arab aromas will spike the interests of an entire region. 

True Oud, is one of Herrera’s newest releases that appreciate Arab culture for what it is. The perfume is unisex and is the perfect encapsulation of the Middle-Eastern, Arab identity. This Eau de Parfum is rich with the woody-floral formula of Oud.


One of the most internationally recognized high-end e-commerce platforms, FARFETCH is back in full swing for the summer, with their new season womenswear release. Check out their collection which spans from Alexander McQueen denim jackets to Gucci bags and Sunglasses. A revolutionary force that revives traditional silhouettes, Victoria Beckham delivers a lesson in modern elegance. 

3. Aesop: 

The Australian brand’s latest recognizable release are its post-poo drops, which are quite literally what they sound and have already echoed airs of appreciation from customers. The idea is to dispense of post-poo (no pun intended) smells by adding a few drops of the product into the toilet and voila, your nostrils shall enjoy the various scents essential oils have to offer.

4. Vilebrequin:

One particular release we’re most excited for, is Vilebrequin’s newest swimsuit line. It’s hot, we’re in the water, and we might as well make the most of it in style!

Vilebrequin’s newest male swimsuit line is made out of Merino wool, extremely luxurious and long-lasting, you can’t go wrong in a pair of Vilebrequins this summer. 

5. Guerlain:

One tik tok trend that appealed to the masses in regards to the beauty industry would be natural makeup & so say no more, Guerlain has for the first time released a new line dedicated to unleashing your inner creativity with respect to your natural beauty. One of the line’s favourite drops is their Rouge G, which is a ‘your lips but better’ sort of situation and we’re absolutely in love with that!!

6. Pat McGrath:

The last product we’re thrilled to be seeing in the market is Pat McGrath’s newest Divine Bronze collection, just in time for summer when all you wanna wear is a slight bronze and very minimal makeup, this is the line for you!

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