5 iconic F.R.I.E.N.D.S lines and our takeaways from them

10 seasons with a total of 236 episodes were more than enough to leave a mark in our world, a show that radiates warm energy and comfort, Friends has more iconic lines than we can count, so here are 5 iconic Friends lines and our takeaways from them

1. “I don’t even have a pla”
First on our list is Phoebe’s relatable line, we’ve all been at that part of our lives where we felt lost and extremely unproductive, we didn’t know from where to start our journey or what to do in our lives, well it’s okay to feel that way because after all you’re gonna have it all figured out just the way it worked with Phoebe

2. “I’m curvy and I like it”
YESSSS we stan a body positive king, no one has the right to bash you for being yourself or for eating what you like whenever you want, so please shout it the way Joey did, shout it everyday to yourself in the mirror, and shout it to anyone who dares disrespect you the way Amy did to Joey.

3. “Inside good, outside bad”
This line is such a mood and I guess that we all felt it during the pandemic, that last year wasn’t easy on any of us but we also couldn’t risk carelessly going out because as Joey said outside is truly bad.

4. “I wish I could but I don’t want to”
Have you ever been put in a situation where you were asked to do something that you didn’t wanna do but couldn’t find the perfect excuse? well say no more because Pheobe’s brilliant line saved us from the embarrassment of rejecting someone’s request, so luckily now you know what to say when your sibling asks you to turn off the lights or when you’re asked to do a presentation but your anxiety is going through its rollercoaster ride.

5. “No uterus, no opinion”
There’s no doubt that most women have met that kind of a guy who has belittled their problems and always meddles with their issues, and right there at that moment you can’t think of anything but Rachel’s voice saying “no uterus, no opinion” , I mean…she’s right you know?

Written by: Imane Safouh

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