Activism Unleashed: 3 Youth -Led Initiatives Making an Impact

In the heart of the region, a dynamic wave of change and youth is underway, propelled not by seasoned leaders or established institutions, but by the fervour and determination of its age. These young visionaries are not waiting for the future to arrive—they are actively crafting it, one initiative at a time. From the bustling streets of cities to the quiet corners of rural communities, the energy of young-led movements reverberates, addressing a spectrum of challenges with innovative solutions.

Nummu Academy


Nummu Academy is a youth-led educational establishment that ‘advocates for incorporating real life skills” in schools– something that many student feel modern education lacks. We spend our young lives learning about Pythagoras, organic chemistry and PEMDAS, but are you ready for the real world outside school? Nummu, provides courses on public speaking, communication strategies and innovation through online group meetings and 1:1 personalized sessions for youth of all ages.. Speaking with founder and fresh graduate, Nawal Fagir, the grounds of which Nummu Academy was built to highlight how academia and real-life skills are interconnected– something that isn’t focused on enough in schools in the 21st century.

To learn more about Nummu Academy and the courses they offer, check out their website, here.

Arab Youth Council for Climate Change

The Arab Youth Council for Climate Change (AYCCC) is a non-profit, youth-led initiative by the Arab Youth Center (AYC). The future is in the hands of the young, and the climate emergency has made the state of the our planet dire for future relationships. The Council aims to achieve a qualitative leap in the interaction of Arab youth with environmental issues, support youth climate action, and engage young Arabs in developing innovative and sustainable solutions to the climate change challenge.

To learn more about the AYCCC & what they are doing for COP28 and how you can engage with their initiative, check out their website.

“All things mental health”: Bridging Conversations

“All Things Mental Health” is an initiative, started in the UK by students in university, is a youth led organisation and initiative that focuses on the conversation of mental health among students whilst encouraging discussions on breaking through the taboo and tips on how to overcome fears and anxieties many students face, but don’t speak up on. The student-led podcast “All things mental health” transcended borders, captivating audiences across 19 countries.

The organisation delves into various topics affecting mental health and well-being, rendering intricate subjects more comprehensible by creating an inclusive platform to have open discussions on mental health while also fosetring curiosity, stimulating introspection and exploration around mental health.

The importance and prioritization of mental health as a topic in the 21st century is unprecedented, as evident by initiatives such as “All Things Mental Health”. The youth are playing a pivotal role in dismantling and destigmatising the taboos surrounding mental health by fostering open conversations, advocating for greater awareness, and normalizing seeking support.

To learn more about what “All Things Mental Health” do and explore, check out their Instagram and their podcast.

In the vibrant tapestry of the MENA region and the rest of the world, the energy and determination of its youth resonate profoundly, echoing a new narrative of change. From the depths of bustling city streets to the quiet resilience of rural communities, young visionaries are crafting a future not bound by limitations but defined by innovation and action. Initiatives like Nummu Academy, Arab Youth Council for Climate Change, and “All Things Mental Health” exemplify this transformative spirit, showcasing how youth-led movements are not merely addressing challenges but actively reshaping the paradigm.

These initiatives stand as beacons of change, reflecting the power of the younger generation in driving progress, fostering awareness, and embracing crucial conversations. As we witness these movements gain momentum, it’s evident that the future is being shaped not merely by the youth but in collaboration with them, heralding a landscape where the fervor and determination of today’s youth spearhead meaningful change.

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