15 Palestinian Brands That Should Be on Your Radar

Amidst the heartache coming from Gaza, we feel helpless watching the bloodshed unfold on our screens. We feel guilty to be able to turn off our screens and snap back to our safe reality. The boycott movement is one of the things we can do when we feel like we can’t do anything.

While there is a lot of talk on who to boycott and who to buy from, it’s also crucial to highlight Palestinian brands that exemplify resilience, innovation and the unyielding spirit of perseverance. Against the somber reality of a crisis in Gaza, this article aims to shed light on 20 Palestinian brands that show just that.

Our Favourite Palestinian Brands:

1. Reemami

Reemami is a unique and inspiring UAE-based fashion brand founded by Palestinian designer Reema Al Banna. eema founded Reemami in 2010, and it has since become one of the most popular fashion labels in the region. Reema’s signature style is a fusion of traditional silhouettes with modern cuts and fabrics, creating pieces that are timeless and on-trend. The brand is dedicated to supporting local communities and businesses, using fabrics and materials sourced from local artisans and vendors.

2. Nurnei

Nurnei is a jewellery brand founded by Palestinian-British designer Noor, currently based in Greece. Her jewellery is designed and produced in a local artisan workshop using traditional jewellery methods. NURNEI strives to create timeless jewellery that celebrates the beauty of Palestinian heritage and culture. 

3. Exhale

Exhale is a conceptual street wear fashion brand founded by Nawal Al Masri, that allows you to shop for a cause, whether it’s mental well-being or Palestine, from keffiyehs over art to urban streetwear. Exhale was also awarded the most admired start up in both 2020 and 2022. You can explore there collection here soon.

4. Nine Seven Zero Rising

Nine Seven Zero Rising is another street wear fashion brand that has a unique retro feel to it. From stickers, to hoodies, to jackets, to shirts, Nine Seven Zero Rising has freedom woven into every thread and and stitched into the very fabric of its identity, inviting you to wear not just clothing but a symbol of bold self-expression and unyielding individuality.

5. Ajdadi Collective

Ajdadi Collective is a Palestinian contemporary streetwear brand that is heavily influenced by Tatreez styles and patterns. This fusion results in a unique and culturally resonant fashion experience. Specializing in customization, they breathe new life into classic pieces, such as AF1 Nikes and t-shirts, transforming them into distinctive expressions of individuality and cultural pride.

6. Trashy Clothing

Don’t let the name fool you, Trashy Clothing is far from “Trashy”; worn and loved by celebrities such as Julia Fox, the brand labels themselves as an “Anti-Luxury Fashion Brand”.Trashy Clothing was founded by Omar Braika and Shukri Lawrence, and use their brand to tackle issues of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and race.

7. Nöl Collective

Founded by Yasmeen Mjalli, Nöl Collective is an intersectional feminist and political fashion collective based out of Ramallah, Palestine. The idea behind Nöl Collective stemmed from experiences and frustrations surrounding sexual harassment and the reality of the patriarchy in Palestine and Arab society.

8. Watan Palestine

Watan is a Palestine-inspired arts shop located in Chicago, Illinois, and Amman, Jordan. Watan aims to create a space for Palestinians to explore their cultural and intellectual heritage through a visual encyclopedia of resources and art pieces. From laptop stickers, art prints, historical maps of Palestine, Tatreez clubs and statement t-shirts, Watan is a haven for those craving to find themselves in a tangible celebration of Palestinian identity.

9. Al Tumayr

Founded by Mona Al Aref, Al Tumayr combines her love for beauty and detail with an inherent desire to do celebrate the Palestinian Identity. Al Aref uses Al Tumayr as a platform to represent the culture and passion of Palestinians and is supporting underprivileged Palestinian youth and raising donations for charitable organizations that work on empowering the community.

10. Dar Noora Heritage House

Dar Noora is a brand that celebrates the history of Palestinian culture by threading it into modern fashion. Noora Khalifeh has taken what many Palestinians accept as a cultural fixture—traditional Palestinian “Tatreez”—but which is, sadly, overlooked as a dated cultural practice. Noora sees in this technique, and in these women, a hidden national treasure, a hidden talent. Like uncut diamonds in the rough, Dar Noora has guided and polished these talents, empowering them to truly shine. This is a major aspect of Dar Noora’s dream and mission.

11. Ayadi by Widad

Ayadi by Widad is a Palestinian social enterprise for sustainable fashion. Showcasing the most beaut Palestinian embroidery and cross-stitch, their pieces are intricate, soulful, and ethereal. They have a wide range of pieces including t-shirts, notebook covers, necklaces made with love and dedication to keep the culture of Palestine immortal in our hearts.

12. Jeel Design

Jeel Design is an embroidery brand that specialises in old Palestinian embroidery circa the 1970s and has established quite a unique identity. Jeel, which translates to generation in Arabic, perfectly encapsulates the vision behind the brand. Their hope and aim is to preserve the authentic Palestinian heritage and culture and pass it on to future generations.

13. Dar Collective

Dar Collective, while not inherently Palestinian, have partnered with third-culture kids with roots from all over the world in hopes of expressing different cultural identities. Their Palestine line uses sweatshirts and tote bags to celebrates the pride of cities around the country, embracing every square inch of Palestinian identity.

14. Darzah Designs

Ethical, beautiful and Palestinian. Darzah Designs are a brand that wholly specialises in hand-embroidered tatreez products from Palestine. They are a fair-trade and non-profit company and wait for it… for every dollar spent, 80% of it will go towards providing for the 17,000 hours their artisans spend yearly to create high-quality products.

15. Balady Gifts

Another brand inspired by the art of tatreez, Balady Stitch turning threads to gifts. Handmade in Palestine, there products showcase the beauty of Palestine with their tatreez keychains and bookmarks, keffiyeh headbands, and shawls. You can also find them on Etsy!

As we explore these diverse and inspiring Palestinian brands, it’s important to acknowledge that, as consumers, we hold the power to make impactful choices. The genocide in Gaza leaves many of us feeling helpless, but the boycott movement is a tangible step we can take to express solidarity and effect change. Choosing to redirect our support toward these Palestinian brands becomes not just a fashion statement but a form of activism, an act of resistance against the backdrop of suffering.

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