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10 Cozy Fall Sweaters You Need to Buy This Year

It’s that time of year again. Nope, not Christmas, not Black Friday, but the time where you officially do the big closet switch.

It’s that time of year again. Nope, not Christmas, not Black Friday, but the time where you officially do the big closet switch. You know, taking your sweaters, puffers, and other winter clothes out of the bins, garage, under the bed, or wherever else you keep them and swapping them with your summer wardrobe. If you’re like me, then you forget what you have in your winter wardrobe and proceed to buy more things like you’ve never owned a singular winter clothing article. If you’re the same way, then you’ll want to check out these 10 fall sweaters that are *already* in my shopping cart.

1. H&M: Rib-knit Half-zip Sweater

I honestly think this sweater is such a staple, you can throw it on top of another layer, wear it as your main piece or just throw it over your shoulders.

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2. Stradivarius: Soft-touch V-Neck Jumper

Another one you can dress up or down, this sweater’s perfect for being layered on top of a white button up, or accentuated with a bold necklace.

3. Mango: Round Neck Sweater

A basic staple, this color is really pretty for winter and just looks so soft. A sweater that looks good with everything is a sweater you need.

4. Mango: Contrasting V-neck Sweater

This one gives me preppy, tennis skirt girl vibes. It’s absolutely adorable and I can picture this being paired with black wide leg ripped jeans and boots. I will be buying this.

5. Bershka: Ribbed Sweetheart Neck Sweater

You’ve probably seen this one around, and for good reason too. I think the sweetheart neckline is so cute and feminine, and it looks really good! I actually have this in black so I’m speaking from experience here!

6. Mango: Short-sleeved wool sweater

For those warmer days or if you want to throw on a jacket instead of wearing a long-sleeve, this short sleeve tan sweater is perfect for just that. I think short sleeve sweaters look best on dress pants or wide leg jeans, so there’s a couple outfit ideas!

7. Zara: Asymmetrical Wool and Silk Blend Sweater

I am a sucker for anything cold shoulder, off shoulder, boat neck, etc. I think it looks so good and can be styled so many different ways, and this is definitely one I’ll be buying too.

8. H&M: Turtleneck Sweater

Because no sweater collection is complete without a turtleneck. Also, this color is really cute.

9. ZARA: Cable Knit Tie Sweater

I love knit sweaters, and the ties on the sides make this one super cute! I’ve been eyeing this for a couple weeks now too, so I’m officially taking it as a sign.

10. H&M: Jaquard Knit Sweater

Because you need a graphic sweater too! It’s like the oversized t-shirt of sweaters. It’s the streetwear of staying warm. And, I just love snoopy.

So there you have it, my 10 must have sweaters for the fall season. Knitwear is probably my favorite part of cold weather fashion, it looks good, it’s versatile, and most of all – keeps me warm. Now that you’ve got your wardrobe in check, it’s time to figure out what movie you’re going to wear your new sweater to. I hope you’ll check some of these sweaters out, and even if you didn’t like any of them, maybe something else’ll pop up!

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