Why you should take a social media break?

Social media is the most common thing nowadays, people that ages from 12-19 are so obsessed with social media and their platforms. Ever tried to check any teenager’s screen time? I bet the minimum is 9 hours a day. People are so distracted by their phones, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, a tweet from a celebrity or a text from that special one. I won’t give credit to social media for ruining everyone’s mental health, but according to statistics 97% of teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 have at least one account on of social media’s platforms. That proves how everyone is obsessed, and how social media can actually control our lives when we are too distracted by a model’s clothing haul.

Mental illness is like a black watery dot on a white paper, the more you ignore the dot the more it grows, takes it’s place, settles down and by the moment you realize the whole paper is black, it becomes too late, because it’s their home now, the darkness that grew has a home and it’s home is the white paper, that was once white, but was it even white? Social media is a very effective, catchy and simple. Have you ever had a trouble while creating a new Instagram account? Have you ever had a trouble uploading a post? Of course not! But have you ever had a trouble focusing on a certain task, because you are worried that your post didn’t get enough likes? Have you ever wondered if your account is trendy enough? Catchy? Maybe perfect? YES! I am sure it’s a yes without actually asking, because I do the same, I always wonder if my reach will increase, because I looked cute in that picture. Social media isn’t just a distraction from the reality, it’s also very addicting and can easily change your perspective, it created the beauty standards for males and females, it created the difference between cool or not, it made everyone confused and insecure, even my role model that I thought she Is the most confident person ever, turned out to be just as insecure as me, and she is just trying to fit in the picture, aren’t we all?

Taking a break from social media will clear your vision, open your eyes, and make the truth very clear, you’ll notice the change in your behavior, beliefs, style, and even your likes and dislikes. You’ll realize that everything has changed, and you don’t even know how, you’ll realize that your favorite tree died weeks ago, you’ll realize that you don’t like the color pink anymore, you’ll realize that pizza is not your favorite food anymore, and the list goes on. Take a break from social media and start keeping track with who you really want to be, not who you pretend to be based on other people’s beliefs and standards. Take a break, balance your life and understand your purpose. Stop surviving and start living.

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