The education system failed us.

Have you ever thought of how educational systems all over the world have failed us? In my

experience, in 12 years of education, I’ve been taught stuff that I could learn after a year through

Google and Wikipedia. While everything we needed to learn and be educated about is being

taught outside schools starting from mental health to critical thinking and logic usage.

The world around us is being upgraded and developed every day, while our schools haven’t

changed much for the past decades.

Schools now days rely on memorization and testing knowledge that would be forgotten minutes after the test. Schools depend on scores, academics not on actual learning. Our future doesn’t depend on grades. It depends on our experiences, how we use our minds, and our abilities to change and create! Our minds are created in various ways. They are utterly powerful and creative. The world’s greatest scientists, creators, and presidents didn’t even go to school.

Some students are good at sports, some are good in academics, and some are still trying to figure

out their passion. Not everyone was built in the same way. That’s why schools should start

adding subjects that would help us in our future instead of battles and wars that happened ages

ago. There are tons of classes we need to take to learn how to live such as;

• Mental health

• Emergency and medical education

• Body and sex education

• Logical thinking and problem solving

• Self-awareness

• Self-defense

• Personal finances, taxes, and saving money

• Leadership, and time management

Most students struggle with depression, anxiety, self-control, bullying, rejections, and

insecurities. Information that should be addressed more in schools. Students need to learn how to

accept themselves and others. How to ask for help when they feel down. How to control stress

and anxiety. How to react if someone is having a panic attack and what to should be said.

Teachers should start allowing children to express themselves through their hobbies, through art,

sports, literature, and other activities. Start using different methods of learning. Understand that

not everyone is academically smart and start giving them different opportunities according to

their skills.

Education is important. It provides us enough knowledge that we will need through our lives. It

develops our points of view and perspectives over different topics. And allows us to discover

more about ourselves and the world around us. It just needs to be done correctly.

Written by: Mariem Mohamed

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