First Year of University: What to Expect and How to Nail It!

Phew! Here you are after 12 years of school and three more of kindergarten with a diploma and a ton of useful -for the most part- knowledge. What happens now? University. You probably heard that your parent’s favorite years were during college, but the dilemma of choosing a major remains an already draining first step. You did it, however and got accepted. And now you are waiting for your first year to start.

Here you find some tips about your first year of university, what you should expect, and how to nail it.

Firstly, it is important to note that school and college are definitely not the same. You are an independent learner, and there is no way that your professor will run after you to complete your assignments or study. Their job is to put you on the right track, guide you through your individual way of accessing knowledge via research. That is true; this makes your work dependent on your own rhythm, hence having a customizable outcome.

On the other hand, you have more freedom when it comes to your classes: you can choose the timings that suit you with the courses that seem to be more interesting to you rather than stick to a priorly-set schedule.

Now, the tips for how to nail first year:

– You have probably heard this one before…Please, wear something comfortable! And remember, comfortable in not opposed to stylish. Just wear something that looks good on you, and is comfortable-suiting the weather and circumstances. No heels needed, and no extreme fashion or accessories- and definitely no heavy makeup either. So declutter your wardrobe and figure out what’s appropriate for your everyday looks.

– Pack your own lunch. Meals at college can be pricey, and also of very poor quality. Surely they are fun for a few weeks, but your tummy would be begging for help.

– Learn to manage your time. College life is fun, but don’t forget about that degree you need to get. Balance is key, so try to get work done ahead of time so you are free when outings are waiting for you. You can also trying dedicating a day per week to finish your school work, a lot say this method seems to work because they feel like they are not missing out on anything. It is just up to you to choose a way to balance between college, family and friends.

– Find friend groups. Your study buddies don’t have to be the same people you have the most fun with. During your years of university, you should meet A LOT of people. Don’t convince yourself that those whom you meet on your first semester are your long-awaited mates. Stay away from toxic people and try to build connections with everyone.

Finally and most importantly, remember that this is one of the best chapters of your life, live it at its fullest and go out of your comfort zone. It is your time to shine now, so go rock this year!

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