Déjà Vu: When 2 Worlds Collide?

Have you ever felt this uncanny sensation that you’ve experienced the exact same situation while knowing for a fact you haven’t? Do you ever meet someone and think to yourself, ‘hm I’ve met this person before’? You could’ve sworn it happened, it feels like a long-lost memory or perhaps a thought u can’t grasp. That, my friend, is deja vu for you! Deja vu is a French word that means “already seen”.


When you have deja vu, you may feel disconnected from the world and wonder, “Did this really happen, or was it just a dream?” According to scientific research, a faulty connection occurs between two regions of your brain that are in charge of memory and familiarity. This dysfunction makes it seem as though it has happened before when it hasn’t. 

Others believe that it is a result of something that occurs that makes you remember an event you’ve had but can’t place. The theory states that if there is something you can’t recall, it can have happened when you were little or for another reason and that’s why you can’t remember it but you feel as though it is familiar.

Others believe that deja vu has a spiritual explanation rather than a scientific one.

They claim deja vu refers to a certain type of telepathic experience, such as recalling an event from your past life or a dream.

What do you think? Is the reasoning behind deja vu scientific or spiritual? 

By: Jana Shrombokhomy

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