Al Rawabi School For Girls; Too Intense, Too Real

An all female leading cast, bullying AND its consequences, girl drama, vengeance, honor killings, sexual harassment, abusive parents,struggles and all in an arab show? Yeah, We’re definitely watching!

Al Rawabi school for girls is Jordanian, Netflix original series that aired on August 12th. I sat down and finished the whole 6 episodes. I couldn’t blink for even a moment. I laughed, I cried, I got angry and I missed the show half an hour after I finished it. 

The series is directed by Tima Shomali, it tackles the topic of bullying. It all goes down when Mariam (Andria Tayeh) gets harshly and insensitively bullied by her classmates, Roqaia (Salsabeila), Rania (Joanna Arida) and ofcourse their leader; Layan (Noor Taher). Mariam then decided she wanted to ruin the lives of her bullies, with the help of her two friends Noaf (Rakeen Saad) and Dina (Yara Mustafa).

We go through the whole process of Mariam and her plan, we see what happens to her and her personality throughout the 6 episodes and until she shifts into a new person that even her friends won’t be able to recognize her anymore. 

Every one of the cast was put in place very well. As much as I hated Layan, I fell in love with Noor Taher and her work! Rakeen Saad was brilliant, played the role very smoothly and I couldn’t imagine anyone else as Noaf. Andria and her facial expressions as Mariam, and Yara with all the cheerful vibes and the tiktok dances, definitely the one for Dina! Salsabeila and Joana as well were very well put into their places. I almost believed they were actually bullies. 

Aside from the fascinating acting, the very important plot and the vibes the series gives off, the soundtrack was out of this world, the choice of music is very smart and goes with every little detail in the scenes. Can’t deny the fact that I’ll start searching for every single song that I heard in this series!

Overall the experience of watching this series was the best in a while, I hope we get to watch a lot of the same powerful arab tv shows and movies in the near future!

And let’s not forget I’m no critic so this is an honest review from a girl who is simply passionate about art that holds a powerful message!

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