6 Thrift Store shopping Tips that will elevate your experience

In order to become an expert thrift shopper,one has to have a lot of patience and require multiple visits to the thrift store

If you recently started thrift shopping and still can’t get a hold on cute gems, here is your guide to a perfect thrift shopping experience

Thrift Shopping

But since thrifting can take some time, make sure you have your snacks and water ready before you head to the store. 

Take your time and know when shops do their restocks 

Give yourself plenty of time to go through different shops and make sure to check all sections,to be able to dig around and find good pieces.

When searching for t-shirts, hoodies, or crewnecks, you may also search in men’s or kid’s section for cute tees and cropped tops 

Know when to visit the store so you can get your hands on the new items, as each store has different restocking days.

Know your personal style and what pieces you are looking for 

Always have a list of the things you are mostly looking for, or even make Pinterest or vision boards. It is simpler if you have a clear idea of what you need as you will know which sections and stores to stop by.

Always look at the racks outside the dressing rooms and check the accessories section first

These products at the racks have previously been chosen and checked by others, so they may have been picked for their value and mostly have potential .

The accessories section is faster to get through and you can find a lot of pieces that can help elevate your outfits from belts,scarves to hats and jewelry 

Wear something comfortable in case you have to try pieces on 

Thrift shopping takes a lot of time, from carrying clothes around to searching in different sections; always wear a comfy outfit so that you can move easily.Apart from that, Not all of the thrift stores have fitting rooms, so be sure to wear something simple to get in and out of. 

Know your sizes!

A lot of thrift stores don’t allow returns and exchanges,so make sure you know your sizes to avoid purchasing clothes that don’t fit and to make shopping easier as you won’t have to try every item; you can carry a measuring tape with you.

Scan your picks before purchasing 

Before making a purchase, always double-check the fabric and condition of each item. Try to scan the clothing more than once before going to the cashier considering a lot of thrift stores may include items that have damaged stitching, zippers that don’t work or are simply in poor condition.

Always remember to wash your thrifted clothes after ever purchase to avoid any germs or bacteria.

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